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Transport of hazardous materials and chemicals

Bulk or packaged goods 
Transport produits chimiques
Transport de produits chimiques
Transport de produits dangereux
Transport de matières dangereuses
Transport matière dangereuse
Transport produit chimique
Transport matière chimique
Transport de produits chimiques dangereux

Our expertise:

Knowledge of the chemical industry

Knowledge of the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code

Chartering: charter party negotiation

Collaboration with stakeholders – shipping companies, road carriers, warehouse companies, surveillance companies, tank container operators, harbourmasters’ office (dangerous goods department).

Safety advice.

Compliance with safety protocols

Our teams organise the international transport of hazardous materials and chemicals in full container loads (dry or specialised: reefers, iso-tanks), groupage, conventional line shipping or charters (liquid & dry).

Due to the importance of its Chemicals' business, Challenge International has chosen to go beyond legal requirement by investing in a safety advisor in each subsidiary.

The members of our specialised hazardous goods teams receive regular training to help them carry out everyday tasks, verify dangerous good declarations and validate the information form subcontractors, especially shipping companies.



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