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Customs broker


25 years of experience in customs brokerage


As an international transport specialist, Challenge International is also expert in all customs procedures and processes. Our agencies have a special customs service to help you ship your goods to other countries.  

The service consists of a team of experts who can take care of your customs clearance procedures. They will also provide you with assistance for your declarations for import/export and community transit.

From paying your clearance fees to organising visits to the customs office, they will take care of everything for you. By entrusting the completion of these formalities to us, you benefit from our expertise and our extensive knowledge of customs procedures. You also have the guarantee that we will respect the rules and standards in this area. Similarly, we are available to advise you, especially on the Binding Tariff Information (BTI) and our opinion on the value for customs purposes.


25 years' experience in customs


The customs brokerage business is carried out by an integrated customs service that allows our agencies to facilitate your shipments worldwide.

Our team of specialists in customs clearance procedures will take care of the preparation of your Import/Export declarations, Community transit, administrative expenses (customs fees) and visits to the various customs offices.

We also act as a tax representative as required and as we receive a customs credit, we are able to meet all your customs requirements.

Our customs declaration teams are at your service to help you declare your goods in the right place and at the right value. Based on the type of goods shipped, we will conduct a regulatory review in order to identify any new texts applicable to your sector to ensure that the customs clearance procedure followed meets current regulations.

Challenge International has the status of Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) "Customs Simplifications/Security and Safety". As such, we are regularly audited to verify the strict application of our operating procedures.





Our Customs Service advises you on a daily basis


Binding Tariff Information (BTI): to facilitate your commercial and pricing strategy, this EU-wide customs system helps you to classify your goods;

The opinion on the value for customs purposes: to allow you to properly assess the value your goods.


Our Customs resources


30 customs declarants

5 customs clerks

25 years of customs experience

Bonded warehouses: 100,000 m² of Type A, MAE, MADT alcohol license warehouses

Customs administration via AP+/DELTA


Status of Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) "Customs Simplifications/Security and Safety" obtained in 2008

Close collaboration with the Regional Customs Directorate and the Directorate-General of Customs and Indirect Taxes

Global customs credit of EUR 38,000,000

Customs Clearance provided at Roissy, Orly, Bordeaux, Marseille, Toulouse, Evreux, Montour, Martinique and Guadeloupe

Simplified customs clearance procedure: authorized by the Customs Office, this service is only offered in Le Havre




Our services Import


Release for consumption: customs clearance on arrival, payment of duties and taxes.

Completion of a trade of goods declaration (DEB).

Bonded storage: placement of goods in customs bonded warehouses against a security bond for the payment of taxes and duties; possibility to split the consignment into batches for customs clearance when exiting the warehouse.

Customs transit: transfer of bonded goods from one customs office to another.

Temporary Admission: duty-free admission of the consignment to the territory pending its re-export.

Inward processing: duty-free import of raw materials for processing and re-export of the finished products to a third country (authorisation + stock accounting).

End-use procedure: customs clearance with an exemption from or reduced rate of duty for goods that to be processed (tariff quota/end-use authorisation/stock accounting).

Customs Procedure 42: tax representation.

Arrangement of PDD/PDU clearance for certain clients: establishment of customs clearance at domicile and customs clearance with single domicile procedures.


Our services Export


Complete customs declaration: final export.

Clearance: customs procedures at the customs office of exit following a complete customs declaration.

Temporary export: export of a consignment to a third country pending re-importation.

Outward processing: export of raw materials to a third country for processing with re-import of the finished products with differential taxation (authorisation + stock accounting).

Arrangement of PDD/PDU clearance for certain clients: establishment of customs clearance at domicile and customs clearance with single domicile procedures.






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