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The Challenge International Group has built its reputation on the expert management of its logistics business in different sectors. Over the years, our Group has developed a reputation based on the quality of the services it provides in terms of import/export procedures, modes of transport, port services, customs brokerage and logistics.

With ISO 9001 certification, Challenge International was among the first companies to be awarded the status of Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) as a mark of trust from the Customs service. We are now entering a new era based on communication and information exchange. Our objective as logistics experts is not just to provide our clients with the expert management of the flow of goods, but to also manage the flow of information throughout the entire process, from order management to final delivery.

Dynamic and interactive, Challenge International’s website provides a tangible example of our commitment to open and ongoing dialogue with our partners. This website collects, consolidates and reproduces information in order to provide you with an effective decision-making tool. 


Denis Patural,

President of Challenge International


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