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Customs clearance procedures and charges

We define the duties and taxes applicable to your goods 

Expert in import/export customs formalities, we pay the fees and taxes to the Customs administration on imported goods on your behalf.

Customs clearance procedures are complex and require extensive knowledge of the customs code (all 800 pages of it) which sets the rate of duty applicable to each type of goods. It is important to know that all goods imported into the European Union are subject to customs duties and VAT. Food and non-food products, clothing, leisure equipment: the scope is extremely broad.

Our experience on the ground allows us to determine the customs code applicable to each product. Of course, there are many subtleties in this area.

Our teams are experts in the various mechanisms governing the customs clearance procedures and the charges applies

Let’s take the example of a book: a book is not subject to customs duty, however, if it is accompanied by a toy, the Customs Code applies a completely different reference code.

For every new product imported, we define a pricing code in order to apply the taxes and duties in the fairest possible manner. In the event of arbitration on the applicable fees, the Challenge International customs expert will defend the interests of the importing client. It is our duty to advise you on the relevant customs procedures and we ensure that you do not receive any reminders about customs charges, including as taxes and duties.

Our Customs teams are at your service to…

Define a customs code for each product

Provide you with their hands-on experience

Declare the product in the right category with the right tariff classification



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