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Optimization of logistics flows

We help you optimise your transport costs 

Our XP LOG teams are constantly looking for ways to provide you with tools and expertise in order to optimize your logistics costs.

Before starting a project, our teams work with you to prepare a detailed list of specifications in order to define your needs and understand your logistics requirements.

We then rely on efficient IT tools to ensure the full traceability of all our operations. By streamlining the flow of information (EDI feeds and GPS system), we have increased the reliability of the data exchange process.

A dedicated contact who is specialised in logistics will work directly with your teams to anticipate, monitor, inform and correct any deviations in the logistics procedures.

We also focus on monitoring logistics operations through the detailed reporting of all logistics activity at work meetings and by establishing dashboards.


Our XP LOG teams are at your service to…

Provide you with interactive communication and the personalized monitoring of your logistics flows

Provide perfect traceability of your operations and inventory

Anticipate, monitor, inform



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