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Perishable cargo

A service fully dedicated to food products 

A team of professionals is available to advise you on the regulations in force.

In order to adapt to ever stricter regulations regarding consumption, the food industry is constantly evolving and the transport of food products is subject to particularly complex sanitary and phytosanitary rules. Our teams of perishable goods experts are available to provide you with the latest information according to the types of goods to be shipped: temperature controlled goods, tinned seafood, meat and vegetables, dried fruits, coffee, cocoa and other prepared foodstuffs.

It is essential to constantly monitor information flows in order to be aware of the decisions taken by national and European authorities. Challenge International has set up a specialised technical department that analyses and summarises the applicable legal texts.

Confronted with new questions on a daily basis, our experts have a detailed knowledge of current regulations. They remain in close contact with the key players in the sector, including the EU Commission, Ministry of Agriculture, the DGCCRF and industry professionals and unions, therefore they are in a perfect position to meet your specific needs.

They provide advice before the goods are delivered to help make the necessary prearrangements before placing the goods on the market, thus protecting against any risk of non-compliance. Challenge International’s expertise in this field ensures that you are protected from onerous from administrative requirements while allowing you to benefit from optimised transport and logistics costs.


Our teams specialised in the food industry are at your service to…

Help you adapt to an increasingly demanding and regulated market

Provide daily industry monitoring operations

Provide real protection against administrative constraints

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transport international café
Stockage café
Transport agroalimentaire
Transport température dirigée
Transport marchandises agroalimentaire
Among the different "products" managed by Challenge International, transporting food products is one of the Group’s specialist areas. Our teams can offer solutions in full dry or reefer containers as well as consolidation shipments.


A team of professionals can advise you on the import/export and supply chain of food products:

raw materials: coffee/cocoa,

temperature controlled food products,

products of animal or vegetable origin, tinned foods, dried fruit and

Looking for a logistics hub? Or are you looking for advice on sanitary and phytosanitary requirements, customs and transit formalities, or even specialised transport to your factory or warehouse? Our experts are available to inform you and carry out your operations in strict compliance with European veterinary and customs regulations.



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