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Our values


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why us ?

Pourquoi nous

Challenge International built its reputation on a perfect control of its jobs by the organization of the international transport and the logistics.

Global management : Thanks to our subsidiary XP Log, we propose you a complete service of multimodal transport adapted to your needs, according to the diverse rules and current codes according to the goods which you wish sent or imported all around the world.

Customer service :  our teams, scrupulous on the quality of service provided, watch the everyday life to propose a custom-made service whatever is the reserved mode of transport.

Our certifications guarantee our rigor and our expertise

Our agent’s network allows us to send your goods all around the world.



International Air Transport Association was created in 1945 to favor the business development of the air traffic, the passengers and the freight. International challenge obtained it in 2008.


Challenge International obtained the status of economic operator approved ( O.E.A). In 2009 and saw delivering the certificate O.E.A. «Simplification customs officer / safety-security ” the same year.

ISO 9001

The certification addresses above all the end customer, it is the proof objectifies that the supplied service arranges characteristics defined in a standard and that it is regularly the object of controls. It is a quality security. This certification was obtained in 1994 for Challenge International.


This certification is a procedure by which the certification body gives a written insurance that a system of organization, a process, a person, a product or a department is in accordance with requirements specified in a standard or a reference table.

our means

We have logistic platform thanks to our subsidiary XP Log situated to Montivilliers (23 000 m ² of warehouses) and to St Vigor d’ Ymonville (120 000m ² of warehouses).

Thanks to our own team, we can organize easily your entrances and brought out of your containers of the harbor terminals on the port of Havre. We manage your imports and exports according to your schedules of transport with the aim of minimizing your costs of car park. All the orders of movements are drawn by computer.

Nos moyens

We master the supply chain thanks to our park with containers. Secured and under customs, our park with containers extends over more than 20 000 m ². Situated on the port of Havre, he allows storing your outdoor goods at a lower cost.
A successful tool:

  • Taken for reefers containers.
  • Landing of containers and manipulation of big parcel by means of cranes 44 tons.
  • Fumigation of your goods.

Thanks to our subsidiary XP Log we have 38 tractors and 85 frames. This park offers autonomy and flexibility for a delivery of containers directly at your home or at your customers. The fleet, regularly renewed, is equipped with a system of geolocation, giving you in real time, the position of your goods.


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