Customs and tax system

The procedures of customs clearance are complex and require an excellent knowledge of the customs code which establishes the rates of right for every type of goods. Our teams of import / export take care of formalities for your account the rights and the taxes with the Customs and Excise on the imported goods. It is necessary to know that all the goods being imported on the territory of the European Union are submitted to the customs duties and to the VAT. Our field experience allows us exactly to define the customs code applicable to every product. The subtleties in this domain do not miss.

Let us take one example: if it is about a book, it is not subject to duty; on the other hand, if it is accompanied with a toy, the customs code imposes another reference.

Administration of sales

Beyond the contract of transport, Challenge International created a specialized unit which insures administrator’s role of sales.

They prepare for the charger seller all the documents necessary for the commercial operation, as the certificate of origin, the commercial invoice, the packing list, the bill of lading, the maritime certificate. They also take care of the establishment and the sending of drafts and original documents with banks.

Advice in the security

Proximity allows the efficiency in the transportation of goods dangerous. That is why each of the sites of International Challenge has a counselor in the safety, which was formed specially. A training which is regularly updated to have a perfect knowledge of the regulations bound to the multimodal transport of the dangerous goods.

Optimization of the logistic flows

The constant concern of our teams of XP Log is to provide you with tools and logistic knowledge to optimize your logistic costs. A person dedicated and specialized in the logistics works directly with your teams to anticipate, watch, to inform and to correct any possible gap in the logistic procedures. We also emphasize the follow-up of the operations by a detailed reporting of the logistic activities through working meetings and the establishment of dashboards.

For more information, XP Log website

Food-processing transport

The transport of processed foodstuffs is one of specialities of the group. Professionals’ team recommends you for the import, the export and the supply chain of processed foodstuffs   foodstuffs (raw materials, processed foodstuffs under managed temperature, products of animal origin or vegetable, cans of food, dried fruits, grocer’s shop). Our teams of the food-processing departments are there to bring you the sharpest information according to the types of goods that you treat.


Our teams organize the international transport of hazardous materials and chemicals. The members of our departments specialized in transport of hazardous materials are regularly formed to assure the skill in the daily tasks, verify the statements of dangerous, to validate the information given to the subcontractors in particular with shipping companies.

Industrial projects

Our teams of sales representatives specialized in the project management industrialists door-to-door worldwide. Weknow how to set up custom-made solutions to manage your projects and transport your parcel that they are standard, heavy, except templates, dangerous or non-hazardous.

West Indies

For the transport of your goods towards the West Indies, Challenge International offers you a complete range of services.   Discover our solutions of transport for your products. We developed several departments to allow you to find the service of transport adapted to your activity.